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Give, Share, and Take are not Synonyms

A major cornerstone of the US rule of law comes from the definition and enforcement of property rights.  Long before the nation’s founding, private property had been recognized under British common law. The British did not invent private property either, as the concept goes back as long as recorded history.   Once private property was recognized, …

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Capitalism: “The Others” Helper

Societies have long tried to define themselves as being different from “The Others”. The Romans had their barbarians. The Jews had their Gentiles. The Nazi’s had their Jews, European colonists had their savages (be they Native Americans, Africans, etc.) Southerners had their slaves. Political populists have their “Rich”. The cast of “Lost” even literally had …

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Capitalism: You be the judge

One of the tenants of capitalism is that property rights need to be well defined and enforced. Each individual, for instance, must have a property right over their own labor. If people can forcibly be made to work for someone else or at a wage rate they don’t agree to, then that isn’t capitalism, it …

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