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Multiplying Stupidity

Work has become passé.  The labor force participation rate fell to a 31 year low in August as another 368,000 people left the work force.  It also represented the lowest labor force participation rate on record for men at 69.8%.  That rate does not even include those who are incarcerated.  The US has more than …

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Effective Middle Class Warfare

Here’s hoping that President Obama isn’t in Kansas anymore.  Last week when he was in Kansas, he decried income inequality and the decline of the middle class.  Fortunately inequality has decreased under his presidency.  If only making rich people worse off helped everyone else, the economy would be booming – which, of course, it isn’t. …

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Ideology and the Functions of Government; or is President Obama, just President Bush on Steroids?

What are the major functions of government?  The answer depends upon who you ask, and whether or not they have an incentive to be truthful in their answer.  Furthermore, some people benefit from a lack of clarity in the answer to the aforementioned question and may seek to shift the enquirer to more “important” questions.  …

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Is it Greece’s (De) Fault?

You have to hand it to the Europeans.  They found a way to be relevant again on the world stage.  You can’t turn on a cable financial news network without talk of the European debt crisis.  First Greece, then Italy, Ireland, Spain, and Portugal.  Clearly their debt crisis isn’t just theirs.  It impacts US banks, …

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I’ll Have What He’s Having, Except for the Bill – You Can Give That To Him, Too

How exciting, President Obama was going to give a speech regarding the national debt. He had ignored the recommendations of his debt commission last fall when he introduced his budget proposal, but now, surely, he would lay out a real plan for deficit reduction. Um, no. Rather than offer a solution he offered a platitude, …

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