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Kentucky’s Labor Market Ranks 49th

A recent CNBC report found that Kentucky was the 36th most business friendly state in the US.  Looking behind the numbers we find that they ranked Kentucky’s labor market second worst in the country.  The health of a labor market in their study is a reflection of the education level of the work force, the …

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Government Health Careless

When I packed for an academic conference last week, I neglected to pack my cholesterol medicine.  While the health benefits of statins can be debated, patients on statins are not supposed to abruptly stop taking them or miss taking them for multiple days.  In a world devoid of government intervention in health care, my doctor …

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Free Lunches: Who will pay for my fondue?

One has to appreciate any country which thinks that everything should be dipped in either cheese or chocolate.  There is a lot to appreciate about Switzerland’s economy as well.  Their unemployment rate is 3.1% compared to 8.3% in the US.  Their trade surplus is 13.4% of their GDP while the US trade deficit is 3% …

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Exempted from the Rule of Law?

I’ve always lived by the motto that rules are needed and that it’s really good if other people follow them – but they don’t really apply to me. Apparently I’m not the only one. President Obama seems to have trouble with the concept of universally applied rules as well. The difference is that if I …

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