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Shooting the Moon, and the Economy: Washington’s Deadly Game of Hearts (and Thrones)

The object of hearts (the card game, not the muscle in your chest, or the object that the Tin Man lacks) is to score as few points as possible.  A player gains a point for each suited heart they win during a trick. (Click here for the rules for hearts).  A player gains thirteen points …

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Debt and Monetary Easing: Dad Was Told by Mother, You Can’t Have One Without the Other

The basis of monetary policy is trickery.  Can you make people feel wealthier by printing more money? Expanding the money supply, either by printing money or engaging in open market operations, doesn’t inherently create wealth.  If it did, Zimbabwe would be one of the richest countries in the world instead of one of the poorest. …

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Candy Culture

Easter came last weekend and the massive infusion of sugar into my bloodstream (I ration all of my kids’ Easter candy to a piece a day which gives me time to reallocate all their chocolate to me) got me thinking about our candy culture. I’m beginning to think that our motto on the US dollar …

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I’ll Have What He’s Having, Except for the Bill – You Can Give That To Him, Too

How exciting, President Obama was going to give a speech regarding the national debt. He had ignored the recommendations of his debt commission last fall when he introduced his budget proposal, but now, surely, he would lay out a real plan for deficit reduction. Um, no. Rather than offer a solution he offered a platitude, …

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Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Balanced Budget Amendment? (Let’s do the time warp again)

Back in 1995, the US House of Representatives voted in favor of a balanced budget amendment to the US Constitution. The measure failed just one vote shy of the needed 2/3 majority in the US Senate to be sent to the states for ratification. Those were the “good old days” when the US debt to …

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Reducing the Federal Deficit: A bandwagon worth jumping on

Last week I provided broad parameters for reducing the federal budget deficit. Since then President Obama’s Debt Commission co-chairs have made some preliminary suggestions for reducing the deficit. It’s actually a pretty good read. They suggest major and minor cuts in spending alike. Since then it seems that everyone has been making suggestions for reducing …

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Budget Cuts: An Introduction; or, How to Reduce the Burden of the National Debt without Really Trying

The November 2nd elections seemed to indicate that people are concerned about the US’s growing debt/GDP ratio. Electing new politicians is easy. Getting those politicians to make meaningful budget changes is more difficult. Ever wanting to be helpful, we here at Capitalism Today wish to offer some sound budget advice. Facts matter. You don’t get …

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The Tragedy of the Commons Credit Card

The tragedy of the commons is an old economic story. When property is held communally, individuals have little incentive to preserve and protect the property while they have great incentive to use said property for their personal gain. As many other economists have noted, live bison were collectively owned on the western frontier, but dead …

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