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The Rest of the Story: Employment Recovery?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released the April Jobs numbers today.  The AP reported the following as their big story: US Gains 288K Jobs, Most in 2 Years; Rate 6.3%.  The unemployment rate fell in one month from 6.7% to 6.3%.  That sounds great, but in honor of the late Paul Harvey, “and now, the …

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In Search of the Good Life

The OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) this week came out with their 2012 How’s Life? Survey.  Rather than just comparing per capita incomes between countries, the OECD has created a quality of life index based on eleven different criteria.  They are: housing, income, jobs, community, education, environment, civic engagement, health, life satisfaction, safety, …

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Occupied Territory: Wall Street or Welfare Street?

It is about time people started protesting 9% plus unemployment.  For that matter, it is good to see that people are concerned about insiders being able to use their government connections to line their pockets with taxpayer money.  Should banks which made really stupid loans only to be bailed out by taxpayers be protested?  Sure, …

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Fiscal Hell without the Hand Basket: Of Debt and Job Destruction

The federal government does make it hard for me to enjoy my vacation.  Capitalism Today has returned to find the economy in a bigger mess than it was in just a month ago.   It is time to get back to work. Congress and the President passed an increase in the debt ceiling this week to …

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