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Political Game Theory: Why no one likes what comes out of Washington

The field of Public Choice extends the study of economics to governments.  It assumes that people in government behave the same as do people in the private sector.  By behave the same, they (according to Steven Horwitz) mean that people have intentions, use information, respond to incentives, and act in accordance to institutional rules set …

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Rationing and Rationality

Scarcity exists.  That is not a normative statement.  It is a positive fact.  At any given point in time people’s wants and desires exceed their ability to have those wants and desires fulfilled.  Even if all individuals achieved a momentary state of perfect contentment, they would still become hungry by dinner.  Scarcity has always existed, …

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Government Health Careless

When I packed for an academic conference last week, I neglected to pack my cholesterol medicine.  While the health benefits of statins can be debated, patients on statins are not supposed to abruptly stop taking them or miss taking them for multiple days.  In a world devoid of government intervention in health care, my doctor …

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