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The Certainty of Bad Policy Makers

Do you know what your tax rates are going to be next year?  Will the Bush tax cuts expire as planned?  How will that affect you?  Will the payroll tax “holiday” be extended?  Will the debt ceiling be raised?  Will it be another temporary last minute deal that involves no real spending cuts but makes …

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Avenging Reality

The Euro’s value has been dropping this week, as have global stock markets based on a fear of a disintegrating Europe.  Apparently the Greek public has already tired of austerity.   Mind you, their austerity measures still entailed running large (though smaller than before) budget deficits.  It just doesn’t feel good to them to cut back …

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Blind(er) Faith in the Government

Alan Blinder was at it again in Monday’s WSJ, as he warned against a 2013 fiscal cliff.  One wonders if he is not too blind to tell the difference between a cliff and a mountain.  The cliff Professor Blinder worries about involves programmed tax increases and spending cuts set to take effect in January 2013.  …

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Markets Self-Correct, Governments (run by any party) Compound Folly

Debt in Trillions of US $   1997                    2007 Business Debt                        4.8                      10.6 Household Debt                   5.5                      13.8 Financial Sector Debt        5.3                    …

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