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Where’s the Growth?

You Didn’t Build That The government reported today that GDP growth in the second quarter was a mere 1.5%.  The average growth rate over the last two years has been 2.1%.  From 1950 through 2011, the economy averaged a growth rate of 3.3%.  The economy that has been growing more slowly than normal is now …

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Shooting the Moon, and the Economy: Washington’s Deadly Game of Hearts (and Thrones)

The object of hearts (the card game, not the muscle in your chest, or the object that the Tin Man lacks) is to score as few points as possible.  A player gains a point for each suited heart they win during a trick. (Click here for the rules for hearts).  A player gains thirteen points …

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I’ll Have What He’s Having, Except for the Bill – You Can Give That To Him, Too

How exciting, President Obama was going to give a speech regarding the national debt. He had ignored the recommendations of his debt commission last fall when he introduced his budget proposal, but now, surely, he would lay out a real plan for deficit reduction. Um, no. Rather than offer a solution he offered a platitude, …

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Emperor Obama’s New Clothes

Last week President Obama’s Debt Commission reported the urgency of creating a plan to reduce the nation’s debt to GDP ratio. My, how time flies. That was so last week. This week President Obama and his Congressional Enablers have a new $800 billion stimulus plan for the economy. First, they’ll extend the Bush tax cuts …

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